Laura Burke

Realtor®, Designer, Wine enthusiast, foodie, and Urban Dweller. My name is Laura Burke and these are just a few of the things that make me tick.  I grew up in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Upon leaving the island, I attended the University of Kings College in Halifax Nova Scotia, before deciding to shift gears and pursue a more creative path.  So I packed up and moved to Toronto to study design, graduating from Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design.  I’ve now lived in Toronto for 10 years and have come to know and love this city.  After working in the design industry, I decided to take my two fascinations, design and real estate, and pursue a career as a Realtor® with one of the top brokerages in Toronto, Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

Why real estate, you ask? Well, I love cities!  I love how they create the most interesting and innovative things our society has to offer, in culture, design, architecture, cuisine and social interactions.   I understand urban living, because I understand the urban experience and the different lifestyles available in cities.  Most importantly, at the heart of every city are the neighbourhoods that comprise it, and the people that inhabit those neighbourhoods.  As a Toronto Realtor®, I know our city, and spend my days exploring its many vibrant, diverse and distinct neighbourhoods.

In addition to being a Realtor®, I put my design skills to work for my clients. I can see the potential in spaces, no matter how hidden that potential may be. Thinking about selling? I’ll work with you to highlight key features buyers will value, and perhaps suggest simple, small (or large!) ways to make your house stand out amongst the competition. Considering buying? I’ll use both my knowledge of the city and my design skills to find the right neighbourhood and the perfect space (or the run-down, fixer-upper about to become the perfect space!) that suits your needs and urban dwelling lifestyle.

Contact me if you are buying, selling, renting, if you want to share your opinion on a blog, ask a question, or if you just want to go for a coffee to chat.  I’d love to meet you!




Peter Howard – Green Guy

Sustainable thinker, experimental gardener, avid sailor, and Urban Dweller. My name is Peter Howard, and I’m a guest blogger (aka ‘green guy’) here on Urban Dweller.  I’ll be blogging about green technologies, innovative solutions, and ideas for homes, neighbourhoods, and cities. I’ve been in the green world for a while now, having been lucky enough to carve out a career as a sustainability consultant, green building, climate change and energy expert, and provincial and municipal policy advisor.  I’m a Torontonian, born and raised except for a 5 year stint in early grade school where I lived on a sailboat and circumnavigated the globe with my family. I love Toronto, and I firmly think urban living, especially in downtown centers, is the greenest lifestyle around.  That being said, I often come across some interesting ideas that might make cities a whole lot more socially, economically, or environmentally sustainable.   I will be sharing my thoughts, opinions and ideas with you, here on Urban Dweller.

Got questions, ideas, or suggestions for blogs? Feel free to drop me a line at peter@urban-dweller.ca



Kelly Drinkwater – Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage broker and city dweller, with a passion for city life and a love of the outdoors, I do my best to fuse both interests into my daily life here in downtown Toronto.  My name is Kelly Drinkwater and I am a guest blogger here on Urban Dweller.  Born and raised in Toronto, minus a couple of stints in England and Scotland, I would consider myself a Torontonian at heart.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a variety of the amazing neighbourhoods this city has to offer, and now find myself in the Trinity-Spadina area, feeling energized and inspired by the incredible finds in every direction.  From parks, to shopping, to some of Toronto’s most sought-after restaurants and nightlife, my neighbourhood is one of many great ones that our city has to offer.

I want to help you find your space in this vibrant city!  If you are purchasing your first property, or merely questioning how it all works, I am here to help.  I want to simplify the mortgage process for you.  In simplest terms, I will provide you with the sound financial advice you need to help you realize your dreams and to help you protect those dreams far into the future.

If you have questions, have a suggested topic for an article, or you would like to chat, feel free
to contact me at 416.554.6696 or via email at kelly@safebridgefinancial.com or at ca.linkedin.com/in/kellydrinkwater/

Kelly Drinkwater, Mortgage Broker  #M12001610