For Sellers

Why Me?

I will work diligently to price, market, and show your house at its full potential, resulting in a quick and successful sale. I know what buyers in Toronto value, and I’ll use my design and branding background to make your house stand out amongst the competition.

Why Bosley?

Not only do you have me on your side, but you also have the full services and experience of Bosley on your side. Bosley has been a leading brokerage in your Toronto neighbourhood since 1928, which means that there is a good chance we may have sold on your street (or maybe even your house!) before. The Bosley management team are past presidents of the Toronto Real Estate Board, the Ontario Real Estate Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association, and chair of the Real Estate Council of Ontario. In other words, they know their stuff. We have an excellent reputation for results in the industry, and a large network of potential buyers. Bosley is a full service brokerage, and our objective is to sell your home at the maximum obtainable dollars, in the shortest period of time, with the greatest convenience to you. Selling is a complex process, and we’re here to help make it enjoyable.

The Process:

-I’ll work with you to evaluate how your house should be priced in the current market based on an analysis of what comparable homes have sold in the area. We’ll be considering the market trends in your neighbourhood, the general market in Toronto, and the specific features of your house. Based on this information, we can determine what a potential buyer may be willing to pay for your home.  Setting a realistic asking price is critical, as a properly priced home will attract more agents, more buyers and sell in a shorter period of time.

-Next, we’ll prepare your home.  If you really want to create a buzz, and achieve maximum market value, you want your house to make a great first impression. I’ll work with you to make your home stand out from the neighbourhood competition. A small investment in cosmetic repairs, décor, and de-cluttering can add significant value to your property.  I’ll work with you to ensure that your home shows at its full potential.

-Together, we’ll create a unique marketing strategy to maximize exposure to as many potential buyers as possible.  This may include exposure on websites (MLS, Bosley Real Estate Ltd. and Urban Dweller), social media marketing, open houses, and feature sheets with photographs and floor plans.

-Finally, I’ll help you negotiate any offers, including the ‘curveballs’ like low-ball offers, ‘bully’ offers, or complex conditions. I’ll be watching out for your best interests during the negotiating process, and we’ll work together to accept or reject offers to maximize the value you receive for your home.