March 15, 2012

Take a Peek ~ Aerin Lauder’s Aspen Retreat

For quite a few years now I’ve been dreaming of my future cottage.  Nestled in the woods, somewhere north of Toronto on a lake is a piece of land with my name on it.  I’ve drawn up floor plans, picked finishes, and spent countless hours imagining what the space will feel like.  What will the experience of walking from the kitchen to the home office, coffee in hand, be like? What will it feel like to sit in the living room on a fall night with a roaring fire and a glass of red wine? Or a sunny afternoon cooking up a feast in the kitchen? I’ve gone through the paces, and could answer all of these questions and many more.

I spend more time than I’d like to admit gathering inspiration images, and trying to put together mood boards to capture the image I have in my head. I was happy to stumble across this Aspen home as I was browsing the web earlier this week. Although it does not have all the elements I am looking for, I felt that it was the best representation I’ve seen so far of the overall feel I’m imagining.  The high ceilings with exposed beams, large windows framing the amazing setting, natural finishes throughout, warm neutral palette, and the quality of light all really spoke to me.

It is one of the many homes of Aerin Lauder (she also has pads in Manhattan and the Hamptons…jealous!) who is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder. She acts as a creative consultant and sits on the board of directors for the family company. She is also launching her own lifestyle and fashion brand under the mentorship of Anna Wintour.  I really like her down-to-earth, simple, sophisticated style so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that!  But for now, here is a peek inside her Aspen retreat.

Image credits: All images by François Halard for Vogue


  1. Danie at Pasadya

    March 23, 2012 at 1:04 pm —

    I’m absolutely in love with this home! Thanks for the imagery of your inspiration and the background of Aerin Lauder. I didn’t know she was the granddaughter of Estee Lauder and works with the family business!

  2. Laura

    March 23, 2012 at 2:10 pm —

    Hi Danie. I know isn’t it great. I’d love to know what the kitchen looks like! Thanks for stopping by ;)

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