March 12, 2012

Spring Facelift

With spring right around the corner, and the weather here in Toronto freakishly warm, I’ve started thinking not only about the changes going on outside, but also what changes need to happen inside!

There’s the dreaded spring cleaning, which is a total love/hate relationship for me.  It always takes way longer than you think, and makes you realize how much stuff (and dust) you have managed to accumulate over the winter months.  On the bright side, it gives you the opportunity to purge the clutter, discover some goodies that may have been forgotten about, and organize your space.  I have what some may call an unhealthy (but I would call an awesome) obsession with organizing. Once I get started there is no end to the sorting, grouping, categorizing, alphabetizing and colour coding that can be done. Knowing that everything is in order (including that junk drawer) gives me a sense of peace that makes me more comfortable in my home and life in general.

I also like to use this spring cleaning time to implement any changes I’ve been thinking of making to my home.  I’ve got a few projects in mind, but I’ve decided to take on our bedroom first.  Now that the winter is almost over, hibernation time is coming to an end and we are getting longer and sunnier days, I’m realizing that my bedroom is feeling a bit gloomy.  The deep grey-blue that seemed like a great idea at the time, is starting to feel flat and drab.  Living in a semi-detached house in downtown Toronto can mean that you don’t have much natural light throughout your space.  Although I love those deep warm greys, blue-greys and green-greys, I’m not sure my space has the light to pull them off.

So it’s time to make a few changes so the bedroom feels lighter, brighter and fresher.  The major focus will be organizing, changing the paint colour, updating bedding and lighting, and looking for a solution for the wall behind the bed like a piece of art, or an interesting headboard.   Here are a few inspiration images…

I’m really drawn to the gestural  quality of the art above the bed in this one.  I also really like the neutral, clean palette, with the touch of wood.

 I love the warm grey used on the walls.  Something like this may be a good compromise.  I still get my warm grey, but it’s fresh and bright! And although I want to keep my space fairly neutral, I really like the splash of mustard yellow combined with the grey.

 Another option is to leave the space very neutral, and then have some bold colour or graphic on the bedding.  May also be more practical as our muddy dog loves our crisp white linens.

I really like the layers of different materials, patterns and knitware, but all within the same palette. Maybe I need to get my knitting needles out again, or go find some interesting textiles for pillows!

Love the  natural elements in this space, as well as the overall neutral palette, with the splash of colour and pattern introduced with the pillows. We also have a fireplace in our bedroom which I love.

I like the light neutral palette, with the deeper warm tones being introduced in the bedding.  Also good for dirty paws. The reclaimed window that has been turned into a mirror is also a neat idea.  Great for a small space.

Really like the neutral palette with the brown/mustard colours coming through in the furniture and the throw.  Love the photography over the bed.

 I love the wall treatment behind the bed.  I have a small obsession with maps, and I always love to see them used in this type of application.  I have been toying with the idea of doing a map of the London Underground (we used to live in London, so not completely random) and it would probably have a similar effect.  Although i’ve seen a lot of interesting maps of Toronto lately!  There’s a thought.

Image Credits:

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