My Faves ~ Toronto Coffee Culture

September 23, 2013 Laura 0

It’s no secret that the coffee culture in Toronto has been booming for quite some time now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Very few local industries, except maybe condominiums, rival the growth of cafés downtown. You can’t swing a cat in this city without hitting …

Smock – A Kid’s (and Parent’s) Dream

April 22, 2013 Laura 0

If you have kids in your life, and haven’t ventured over to Roncesvalles to check out Smock yet, mark your calendar.  I mentioned Smock in an earlier post (My Faves – Toronto Coffee culture) but this is such a unique place I felt it needed its very own shout out. I first …

My Faves ~ One of a Kind Show

March 30, 2012 Laura 2

I hit up the One of a Kind Show yesterday to check out this year’s bounty of artisanal goodies and handcrafted objects.  I scoured every aisle, occasionally stopping to refuel on maple syrup treats, jam samples and other goodies from the flavours section. It’s a tough j …

A Trip to the Brick Works Farmers’ Market

March 1, 2012 Laura 0

One of my favourite things to do in Toronto is to explore the various farmers markets that take place in neighbourhoods throughout the city. Many downtown ‘hoods have some sort of market and each one gives you a glimpse into its particular community. By chatting with the ve …