Greening Your Home : 5 Upgrades for Energy Efficiency

May 9, 2013 Peter 0

Being green doesn’t have to mean sacrificing convenience, comfort or quality in your house. ‘Green’ can get a bad rap, especially when people associate it with 30-second showers, no air conditioning in the summer, and having to wear three sweaters all winter. Those are …

Chickens in the City

June 5, 2012 Peter 1

The only chicken talk we usually hear in downtown Toronto involves pecking order, hen parties, or nest eggs.  Well now there’s a new movement afoot, urban chicken coops!  Many urban dwellers want to take the local-food movement one step further and take the plunge into sm …

Urban Living: Friend or Foe?

April 14, 2012 Peter 1

Cities sometimes get a bad rap. You know, the ‘inner city’ or the ‘dark satanic mill.’ Negative impressions of cities generally involve images of people packed in like sardines, pounding the hot concrete all day. We have a different view: that cities are the best and …

Mushrooms That Kill (termites!)

February 17, 2012 Peter 1

The mighty mushroom wears many hats.  From bringing us lifesaving antibiotics,  to enhancing a delicious risotto,  to making Alice shrink small and grow tall, the roles mushrooms play are as endless as the number of different species.  Well here’s yet another, slightly …